About Serbia

Serbia is located in the heart of southeast Europe, at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is surrounded by emerging markets of varying size, all of which have economic development plans focused on bringing their legal, labor and tax codes; educational and medical systems; energy, transportation, and telecommunications infrastructures; and police and defense systems up to European standards. Combined, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia represent a market the size of Texas with 60 million inhabitants and a GDP of around $500 billion.

Lift Market Serbia:

1. Total number of lifts in Serbia 40.000 – 45.000

2. Average age 44 years

3. In next two years in Belgrade should be / must be changed 7500 lifts

4. LIFT EXPO BALKAN 2019 will be organized and realized in cooperation with
INFOSTAN – City of Belgrade Housing Public Company

5. In Serbia 4,200.000 inhabitants are in the cities all flats are privatized – property of inhabitants

6. INFOSTAN offers credit to owners of flats in each building 60 month installments
(5 years) for new lifts.

7. INFOSTAN is interested in cooperation agreements with foregin suppliers present at the fair.